De nieuwe Nirvana Trike 4 Fun

Past heel mooi in deze koffer

Weegt slechts 15 KG. en leverbaar voor de Instinct en de Rodeo




We would like to inform you about new 4FUN, which is ready on stock before we'll put it on e-shop.

I attached a few pics only from our show room. You can see the compact wheel box what will be delivered with 4-FUN. This 4-FUN was already tested 1 year by test pilots and members of racing team.

Both racing pilots won first two places on World Championship with new Nirvana 4-FUN.


This 4FUN is produced only in single version and we donĀ“t plan to produce 4-FUN in tandem version in near future.

There's not a brake like the trike Cruise Carbon has. This 4wheel has 15kg.

We've two versions:

4-FUN Instinct and 4-FUN Rodeo, the only difference is in the frame what connect the paramotor with 4-FUN. This s the same like it's with Nirvana trikes.